ribCrossSection Element

Cross section properties of a wing rib

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      Element lowerCap[0, 1]


      Element material

The orthotropyDirection is defined as rotation around the ribs z-axis. The rib coordinate system is defined as follows: x-axis is from leading to trailingeEdge of the componentSegment in the direction of the rib elongation. z-axis is normal to the rib in the direction of positive eta. y is defined by right hand rule. Rotation is around the z-axis. Zero degrees are at the x-axis positive direction.

      Element ribCell[0, 1]

Definition of a ribCell

      Element ribPost[0, 1]

Post element definition applied to all vertical intersections with spars

      Element ribRotation[0, 1]

WING: The Rotation along the x describes a rotation around a line, that is defined by the intersection of the rib with the wing middle plane (orientated from leading to trailing edge). This angle defaults to 90° which means, that the rib is perpendicular on the wings middle plane. The rotation angle is defined at the intersection point of the rib with the ribReference line. The rib itself is allways straight and not twisted. PYLON: The Rotation along the z describes a rotation around the pylons z-axis (= rotation in top view). This angle defaults to 90° which means, that the rib is perpendicular to the pylons x-axis.

      Element upperCap[0, 1]


Attribute externalDataDirectorySimple Type string
Attribute externalDataNodePathSimple Type string
Attribute externalFileNameSimple Type string
wingRibCrossSectionType, containing the definition of ribsCrossSection
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