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doubleVectorBaseType Complex Type

Vector with semicolon separated values of type double

Namespace: Empty

Schema: Empty

Base Type
Content Type
ItemFacet ValueDescription
Restriction string
      Facet Pattern((\s+)?[-+]?(\d+)?(\.)?(\d+)?(([eE][-+]?)?\d+)?(\s+)?|(\s+)?(NaN)(\s+)?)(;(((\s+)?[-+]?(\d+)?(\.)?(\d+)?(([eE][-+]?)?\d+)?(\s+)?)|(\s+)?(NaN)(\s+)?))*
Attribute aSimple Type string
Attribute bSimple Type string
Attribute cSimple Type string
Attribute deltaSimple Type string
Attribute externalDataDirectorySimple Type string
Attribute externalDataNodePathSimple Type string
Attribute externalFileNameSimple Type string
Attribute mapTypeSimple Type string
Attribute muSimple Type string
Attribute uncertaintyFunctionNameSimple Type uncertaintyFunctionType
Attribute vSimple Type string
Attribute wSimple Type string

Any entries of type double separated by semicolons are permitted, e.g.:

Example 1: valid double vector
Example 2: valid double vector with only one entry
Example 3: invalid double vector due to comma separation
Example 4: invalid double vector due to string entry
Example 5: invalid double vector due invalid double values
<doubleVectorTest>123.456;1234.4E 56;-1.234e5.6</doubleVectorTest>