material Element

The orthotropyDirection is defined as rotation around the ribs z-axis. The rib coordinate system is defined as follows: x-axis is from leading to trailingeEdge of the componentSegment in the direction of the rib elongation. z-axis is normal to the rib in the direction of positive eta. y is defined by right hand rule. Rotation is around the z-axis. Zero degrees are at the x-axis positive direction.

Namespace: Empty

Schema: Empty

Choice Choice

choice between composite / isotropic material definition

      Sequence Sequence
            Element materialUID

uID of a material definition.

            Element thickness[0, 1]

Absolute thickness of the material.

      Sequence Sequence
            Element compositeUID

uID of a composite definition.

            Element orthotropyDirection[0, 1]

Orthotropy direction of the composite.

            Element thicknessScaling[0, 1]

Scaling factor of the composite thickness. Absolute thicknesses are defined in each composite material seperatly

Attribute externalDataDirectorySimple Type string
Attribute externalDataNodePathSimple Type string
Attribute externalFileNameSimple Type string
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