sparPositionUIDs Element

sparPositionUIDs of the spar.

Namespace: Empty

Schema: Empty

Element sparPositionUID[2, *]

List of spar position uIDs.

Attribute externalDataDirectorySimple Type string
Attribute externalDataNodePathSimple Type string
Attribute externalFileNameSimple Type string

sparPositionType, a sparPostion defines a location within the componentSegment where a spar in mounted. Those positions are combined to spars by using a list of spar position uIDs. The order of the sparPositionUIDs must be the same as the order of the points on the real spar (from root to tip or from tip to root).

Pleas note: orientation of a spar must be allways outbound or allways inbound. A zigzag spar orientation where e.g. the spar starts at the root, goes to the tip and goes back to another point at the root is not allowed.

Pleas find below a picture for an example definition of 3 spars in one wing, by using spar position points and spar segments:

spars 1
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