transformation Element

Transformation with respect to the uppermost point of the main strut. From this point the landing gear is oriented in negative z-direction by default.

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      Element rotation[0, 1]

Rotation data default: 0,0,0. The rotation angles are the three Euler angles to describe the orientation of the coordinate system. The order is allways xyz in CPACS. Therefore the first rotation is around the x-axis, the second rotation is around the rotated y-axis (y') and the third rotation is around the two times rotated z-axis (z'').

      Element scaling[0, 1]

Scaling data default: 1,1,1. Those parameters describe the scaling of the x-, y-, and z-axis.

      Element translation[0, 1]

Translation data default: 0,0,0. Translations can either be made absolute in the global coordinate system (absGlobal), absolute in the local Coordinate system (absLocal) or relative (relative), normalized with the maximum dimensions of the parent.

Attribute externalDataDirectorySimple Type string
Attribute externalDataNodePathSimple Type string
Attribute externalFileNameSimple Type string
Attribute uIDSimple Type ID
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